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Rules & FAQ

House Rules

GOLF6iX facility users are bound by the By-Laws, Rules and Regulations of the GOLF6iX.


  • Bay Capacity Limit: Strictly only 3 players per bay - must book multiple bays for 4 to 9 players

  • Please exercise standard golf etiquette

  • Clean and dry footwear must be worn

  • Respect other players and staff

  • Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited

  • No smoking, vaping or any other similar products inside GOLF6iX facility

  • Please use provided golf tees for the safety

  • For security reasons and safety of our staff and customers, GOLF6iX is video monitored at all times

  • Please email to register as a golf instructor at GOLF6iX and receive benefits

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SwingCatalyst MANUALS

  • How does simulator golf differ from standard golf?
    Both types of golf allow you to use a club and hit golf balls. However, a golf simulator is held indoors, and there is a screen in front of you. In comparison to standard golf, a golf simulator uses a range of cutting edge technology, a camera and state of the art software. When using a golf simulator, you get to choose a range of different golf club courses to play golf on. As well as using different modes to hit the ball in, for example, the driving range or playing game.
  • What simulator do you use?
    At GOLF6iX, we use a Foresight simulator; GC HAWK. Trusted by PGA Pros, Foresight Sports launch monitor system is the only launch monitor in the industry to utilize Quadrascopic imaging, it delivers the PGA Tour level accuracy and analytics. GCHAWK allows players of both right and left hand.
  • How do I book a bay?
    To book a bay, book directly through online booking -
  • How do I book with a gift card?
    Please email us at with your gift card number, preferred booking date & time and your full name.
  • How many people can play per bay?
    Only 3 players are allowed per bay including spectators. Please book multiple bays for 4-9 players. (For example: Book 2 bays for 4 to 6 ppl, Book 3 bays for 7 to 9 ppl) If you need our space for a corporate purpose, you can also rent out all of the bays- inquire by email.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    You can cancel your booking before 24 hours of your date. If you fail to do so, you will be charged the full price.
  • Do you have club speed data?
    Yes, Foresight Sports GCHawk Launch Monitors come with both Ball Launch Data and Club Data. All of our bays are equipped with GCHawk and ball launch data is shown automatically, however, you need a special reflective sticker (CLUB MARKER) to see the club data which shows the following; Club Speed, Impact Point, Angle of Attack, Club Path, Delivered Face Angle, Delivered Lie Angle, Impact Loft, and Closure Rate. Purchase Club Markers online and make an appointment with us via text/call at 905-597-4659. Foresight Club Markers $5 for 4 markers - you can mark 1 club $10 for 8 markers - you can mark 2 clubs
  • Do you need a club marker to practice?
    Our GCHawk launch monitors measure both Ball Data and Club Data. If you practice without the club marker, you'll only see the ball data. In order to activate the club data, your clubs must have the special reflective stickers (Club Marker by Foresight Sports) Purchase Club Markers by make an appointment with us via text/call at 905-597-4659. Foresight Club Markers $5 for 4 markers - you can mark 1 club $10 for 8 markers - you can mark 2 clubs ​--- *Please note, you can bring your own club markers.
  • What is the standard time it takes to play a round of golf?
    If you play golf regularly, it should take around 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete 18 holes. If you are playing in a group of two, on average, it will take 2 hours to complete a round. Depending on the course you choose, and the abilities of the other players, the time may vary.
  • Can I use your range to practice?
    It’s up to you to decide whether you want to play a round of golf or practice on the range. Select PLAY (choose your preferred golf course) to play a round of golf and select IMPROVE (foresight range) to practice. Please review Foresight Manual to set up your play or practice. If you need help, feel free to text/call us at 905-597-4659.
  • Do you rent clubs?
    Unfortunately, we do not rent clubs. Please bring your own set of clean clubs.
  • Is there food and drink available at GOLF6iX?
    No food is allowed, and any alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited. Only bottled non-alcoholic drinks are allowed.
  • Do I need to book a specific bay for a left-handed golfer?
    All of our bays support both left- and right-handed golfers.
  • What age do you need to be to play at GOLF6iX?
    At GOLF6iX, we’re open to all ages and abilities to use our simulator and range. However, for players under 16, you must have an adult supervision and capacity limit is strictly 3 people per bay - no additional spectators allowed.
  • What shoes do I wear?
    You must bring shoes suitable for indoors such as golf shoes or running shoes. Before you bring them into our facility, make sure they’re clean, free from mud and grass.
  • Will there be storage at GOLF6iX?
    There are no lockers or any forms of storage at GOLF6iX. All of your belongings are your responsibility. Therefore we only suggest for you to take what you need.
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